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Landscape Photography Weekly Assignments

My son, who is a budding photographer himself, gave me a cool book for Christmas. It is a book of 52 Landscape Photography assignments, and it promises to be an interesting project. I probably won't be able to do them every single week, but hopefully I can keep up with them enough that by the end of this year I'll have finished most of them. And as I was reading some of the assignments, it became clear that I definitely won't be doing them all in order. A few of them can be checked off with photos I've taken in the past, and I'll be posting them here in weeks to come.

Some of them I may not be able to do at #39. The title of that one is "Let it Snow!" Here in south Texas, that doesn't happen very often. It's still January, though, so our "winter" isn't quite over yet. And there are at least a few that call for equipment that I don't have. Assignment #41 calls for an infrared filter, which I don't plan to buy any time soon, and #42 is about shooting with film, which would require a film camera. I no longer have a film camera and currently have no interested in buying one, so that one is scratched, too.

Assignment #38 is shooting ocean waves. I don't get to go to the beach very often, but if we do get to go to the coast this year, I'll definitely have to be sure and get this one done while I'm there.

So, I'll start off the year's project with this image, which I'm applying to assignment #3, titled, "Frame Work." I took this photo at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens a couple of weeks ago. I like how the tree in the foreground provides a perfect frame for the cabin across the lake. And the reflections of the trees on the right side help to complete the frame.

Should be an interesting year!

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